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The Records Management & Archiving Facility

  • More than 1 million cubic feet of records storage space
  • Climate controlled facility
  • Secure location
  • Strategically located in the Lehigh Valley with easy access to major highways
  • State-of-art media and server vault

Records Management & Archiving's Easton, Pennsylvania location

The actual physical records storage facility should be a top priority when choosing to outsource an offsite records storage and document management firm. Security, physical structure, and climate controllability are all important factors to consider.

Records Management & Archiving operates from a climate controlled, secure facility with more than 1 million cubic feet of storage space available for offsite retention of your documents, electronic data, and vital records.

Located in the Lehigh Valley in Easton, Pennsylvania, Records Management & Archiving offers businesses and organizations high level solutions to outsource their record storage, ensuring close proximity, timely delivery, and fast access to files.

Learn more about RMA's data and server vault facilities and capabilities.

Are you ready to outsource your records storage and document management?

Records Management & Archiving would be glad to have you tour our facility. Don't forget to ask for your FREE records management assessment!

Disaster Prevention & Recovery Plan

Unfortunately, disasters can happen. Because of this, it is imperative that a records storage facility have a viable disaster recovery plan in place that has been tested.

Records Management & Archiving's disaster recovery plans allow our clients to rest easy, knowing that if an event would occur, their records would remain safe. Our disaster recovery plans are available for viewing upon request, and are built around the following fundamentals:

Prevention protection of assets and management of risk

Response address the policies, procedures and actions to be followed in the event of an emergency

Resumption resuming the most time-sensitive operation following a disaster

Recovery implementing expanded operations to address less time-sensitive operations

Restoration implementing procedures for the repair or relocation of the primary site and its contents
Important Facility Facts
Insured structure
Security monitored 24/7
Access control systems with video surveillance
Fire prevention and suppression systems
Damaged document remediation services
Storage layout and shelving meets or exceeds industry standards
Not in a flood plain
No rail line or super highway proximity
Low profile building
Safe distance from nuclear facilities and large metropolitan areas

Records Management & Archiving
2711 Freemansburg Ave. Easton, PA 18045
Phone: 610-253-2753 • Fax: 610-258-0216
email: info@recordsmgmtpa.com
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