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Benefits of offsite Record Storage & Document Management

Offsite records storage and management can help you lower your operating costs, improve employee productivity, create more value from information assets, and protect your organization from the risks of litigation, audit, and disaster. Records Management & Archiving Offsite records storage programs have helped businesses and organizations save up to 50% by lowering costs associated with storage space, personnel, and records management.

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Security of Records

Safety and confidentiality of important records and files is often taken too lightly. Today, businesses can quickly become overwhelmed with attempts to comply with privacy standards, sensitive document handling, and even protection from fraud and identity theft. Our confidential record handling and storage simplifies security issues.

Controlled Access to Records & Data

Are the people authorized to view your records the only ones with access to them? We make sure that your files and records only end up in the hands of those authorized to view them.

Climate Controlled Record Storage Environment

Some records become costly to store due to storage climate requirements. Our facility is climate controlled to ensure the longevity of records in a variety of media formats.

Disaster Protection & Planning

Natural disasters can destroy years of important and confidential information. Our facility is designed to safeguard your records from disasters. In the event of a disaster, we have a tried and true disaster plan to save and recover any lost information.


There is more to information management than record storage. 24/7 service that includes pickup, delivery, inventory, retrieval, storage, imaging, data archiving, business continuity, and destruction of records and files are all critical parts to making your information easy to access and easy to use.

Legal Compliance

In most cases, businesses and organizations who store large amounts of files are doing so unnecessarily, and those who do not retain a large amount of records are discarding important information that should legally be retained. Our document life cycle management and records storage programs will help determine which files to maintain, how long to do so, and how to legally dispose of them when the records are no longer needed.

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Efficiency & Cost Savings

Are you using expensive space to store records and information? Offsite records storage will help you realize the cost savings associated with freeing up that expensive space as well as enhancing productivity of the personnel who have to manage the information onsite.

Reduce record storage costs by up to 50%
Free up costly space
Eliminate 30% to 50% of existing outdated records
Reduce information management staff and workloads

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