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TeleVaulting is an easy, automatic and secure way for small to mid-sized businesses to protect their critical data offsite. Clients can send and retrieve backup data over their existing Internet service to protect their most critical data. Backups are performed automatically according to the schedule the client sets. Clients choose which servers, workstations, and applications are backed up. Data can be restored by selecting the individual files or data sets that need to be recovered. It can even be used with remote servers and laptops in the field. This service is affordable because it eliminates most tape backup costs and saves valuable time.

Even Bare Metal Restores are possible in the event of a disaster with data delivered by RMA staff with portable SAN drives. This allows data to be transferred at LAN speed. The system also allows for the most recent generation of backups to be retained locally to speed recovery of the most frequently accessed backup data.

Why should I consider RMA TeleVaulting service?

Learn more about your legal responsibilities and the security risks involved with data backup and how an electronic vaulting service can help protect your organization. More...

Key Benefits

Simple, fast installation: No need to install software on every target desktop machine you need to protect. A single client-application at each remote site is provided without charge. It is compatible with most operating systems and server platforms.

Lower backup costs: No licensing fees. Pay only for the total volume of protected data from across your enterprise - no matter how many desktop machines are protected.

Automatic backups: The fully automated process relieves users from making backup decisions, and ensures all critical data is backed up regularly.

Data security: Advanced security and authentication algorithms, including 256-bit AES encryption, ensure the safety and confidentiality of data at all times - in flight and in storage. Only clients hold the encryption key.

Ultra secure facility: RMA protects all TeleVaulting equipment in a Firelock data vault.

Flexible and scalable: Agentless technology means you can add desktops to the backup system at no additional cos - unlimited seats!

Accountability: Centralized administration gives network managers control over what gets backed up and how often.

Fast and efficient data recovery: Restore critical data quickly to any location on your LAN from the online vault - no media to locate and load!

For more info see RMA TeleVaulting FAQ

Firelock Class 125-3 Hour Data Vault

Server Racks with Televaulting Infastructure Inside Firelock Vault

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