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RMA TeleVaulting Benefits

Legal Responsibility

Corporate officers are ultimately responsible for protecting their organization’s vital records. New legislation, such as the Federal Rules for Civil Procedure for litigation discovery require both parties to provide all relevant records to the opposing counsel as part of the pretrial process. Failure to produce relevant data can result in summary judgment against and/or fines for the party unable to do so. Other regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley, the Graham Leach Bliley Act and HIPAA can carry heavy fines and even prison time for violating fiduciary obligations to protect vital data.

Disaster Recovery and Backup of Data

When a disaster does strike in the form of fire, natural disaster, data corruption, human error, sabotage or other event, protecting mission critical data gives organizations the foundation upon which they can rebuild their operations and minimize costly downtime.

Backup Cost Savings

New technologies are now enabling small and mid-sized businesses to protect their data with the same level of security, dependability and convenience as large corporations with much greater IT resources. The cost of TeleVaulting is offset by eliminating many of the costs of tape backups as the primary recovery media. There is the cost of hardware and software upgrades, licensing and maintenance fees, and on-going tape purchases. The time it takes to manually process and index tapes is costly as well. A cost comparison between the two methods can be arranged with your RMA TeleVaulting representative.

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