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Records Management & Archiving Technology

Record Management Technology

Records Management & Archiving uses the most advanced record storage, automation, and document retrieval technology available. The backbone of our records storage and document management system is software, backed by the most advanced and trusted record management technology available.

Our records storage system uses a random filing technique that enables us to expedite the movement and management of your records more efficiently. An advanced barcode technology catalogs the every movement of a file allowing for instant access and accountability of every record you store with us.

And, with online access and 24/7 customer service, you will never be without a file. Our online program offers clients direct access to manage the movement and handling of all files, and review detailed activity and file reporting.

Many lost records and documents are misplaced after being retrieved due to a delayed return to storage. The records management software minimizes this risk with a “tickler system” which prompts the recall of records previously retrieved.

Data & Electronic Vaulting Technology

For the highest in security and protection of vital records and electronic media, Records Management & Archiving offers data vaulting solutions powered with the latest technology.

Our data vault is complete with stringent environmental controls, advanced fireproof and fire extinguishing technology, 24 hour monitoring, highly secure mantrap access procedures, and secure online access. For additional information, see the data vault construction specifications.


Common Questions to Ask When Evaluating a Record Storage Facility's Technology:

Do you offer Internet access to my records?

Yes. Our technology allows clients to determine the location of a file or document, view detailed activity reports, schedule files to be delivered, and even have a document converted to a digital format for forwarding.

How does your software track a record storage container?

Our records management systems use advanced bar code technology. Each time a container or even a single document is moved, it is recorded for accountability.

Is your system only accessible to authorized users? If so How?

Yes. Only authorized users are able to access files and records through our private client login system.

Can your software provide detailed reports of activity, movement, frequency of a files being accessed, all on-demand?

Yes. With our advanced document management solutions and bar code technology, clients are able to gain real time access to the activity and movement of every document, file, and record stored with us.

Records Management & Archiving
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