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Vault Construction

Vault Construction

The RMA data vault, from FIRELOCK, is not an average fireproof safe. The 6000 cubic foot walk-in vault is constructed with a core of spun ceramic material capable of withstanding temperatures above 2000°F. This ceramic insulation is capable of keeping interior temperatures below the critical 125°F threshold (the point at which data is destroyed) even if there is a catastrophic fire outside the vault. With integrated dust filtration, vapor tight construction, humidity and temperature controls, fire suppression systems, and magnetic shielding RMA's data vault provides the most secure facility in the Lehigh Valley region.

Vault Security

Security of servers, computers, and media stored in the vault is ensured by a number of systems and processes. Only authorized personnel have access to the vault, as it is protected behind mantrap enclosures with access controls and electronic card swipe locks throughout the building.

Strict protocols regulating entry to the area, access to servers or movement of stored data provides accountability for every action that takes place in and around the data vault. A sophisticated climate control system monitors and reports the temperature and humidity within the vault. Additional alarm systems immediately alert staff to smoke, fire, CO2 gas, intrusion, or any other potential threat in the FIRELOCK™ vault area. Clients can also see the environmental conditions within the vault via online remote monitoring.

Why Should I Consider Offsite Media Vaulting?

Learn more about your legal responsibilities and the security risks involved with media storage, and how an Offsite data vaulting center can protect your organization. More...


For a free analysis on how data vaulting could help your organization, contact us.

Features of Server Vault Construction - ENLARGE

Features of Media Vault Construction - ENLARGE

RMA Data Vault Features:

High Temperature Insulation
Vault panels are constructed from spun ceramic material capable of withstanding temperatures above 2000°F.

Solid Framework
Unique structural steel design that offers 3 times the strength of typical masonry construction.

Magnetic Shielding
Protects against the most common electromagnetic fields that can damage media.

Environmental Design
FIRELOCK™ vaults are designed to integrate dust and vapor resistant lighting, humidity control, and media -safe internal fire suppression systems.

Moisture / Steam Protection
Traditional vault construction methods use concrete or masonry materials which contain chemically-bound water. When exposed to heat, this water is forced into the vault chamber as steam, destroying the data inside. FIRELOCK™ vaults utilize dry high temperature ceramic insulation.

Vapor Barrier
The data vault includes a vapor barrier to keep harmful smoke and steam (from fire fighting efforts) from penetrating the integrity of the chamber. The same barrier also confines, fire suppression gases used to extinguish any threat of fire in the vault.

Conduit Heat Protection
Self-sealing and insulated cable trays provide power and data cables to the vault while protecting against heat transfer.

HVAC Heat Protection
Special insulated 3 stage dampers allow proper climate control while maintaining the integrity of the vault.

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